The Caregiving Season, Finding Grace to Parent Your Elderly Parent



BecauseofGrace_FlatforeBooksBecause of Grace

by Jane S. Daly







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Losing a child is the most heart-wrenching trauma a human being can ever experience. Jane Daly knows –she lost her beloved son, Bobby, to cancer when he was too young to die. Many who face such loss would be lost themselves, never to speak of it, never to come to grips with the awful reality, never to share with someone who had faced the same struggle. Not Jane. Instead she has given us BECAUSE OF GRACE, a headfirst dive into the dark pool of pain, agony, anger, fear and despair that confronted her. But she doesn’t drown in it. Instead, with beautifully crafted words and an open heart, she takes us sailing on an unforgettable journey that ends where it began – in the loving arms of a God who was with her every step of the way. Beautifully done, a must read.

Patrick E. Craig – author of The Apple Creek Dreams series

When grief comes our way, we feel alone….lost. It’s then that we can appreciate
comforting words from someone who has already walked the path leading from grief to
grace. Jane has made that journey. Her experience bolsters us during the hardest days.

Nick Harrison, author of Magnificent Prayer and Power in the Promises